3 Reasons to love working in logistics management

In order to enjoy quality car parts from Germany, cuisine from Italy, or fuel from the Middle East, we need to thank logistics management and trade, and the way this brings continents together. This field is often misunderstood, we get it, it’s something of a mystery if you’re looking in from the outside.


Surely, it’s just a matter of placing items on a ship and hitting send? In fact, there’s a lot to this trade. Those of us who serve this industry are responsible for making the world go around, in an economic sense, at least. Here are the top 3 reasons why we love what we do:


1. Every day is different

If you love a job that’s stable but throws you a curveball more or less hourly, stick around. Working in customs or logistics management as an importer, exporter, trucker, or any other position in the supply chain has you handling several to-do lists at once. At the drop of a hat custom’s regulations change, this can happen midway through dealing with an incoming shipment.


Along with that, setbacks happen all the time, like industry strikes, shipment raids, and unforeseen legal complications. The job will have you on your toes, permanently. It’s not for everyone but if you’re great at juggling, you’ll fall in love with it. By the time you have your first sip of coffee at 9, you’ve probably already solved three crises.


2. Logistics management makes the world go around (like money)

If money makes the world go around, logistics management makes it happen faster. International trade brings China to the USA and Japan to South Africa – or any other commute you can dream up. The International Trade Administration has estimated that trade is responsible for 60% of the world’s GDP.


Trade is the reason money makes the world go around. Those of us working in the industry can walk past products on the shelves at grocery stores knowing how much work went into moving it from its manufacture location to the shelves, all thanks to a logistics management team.


If this isn’t a reason to shine, knowing you are part of the world’s most prominent industry, we may as well all stop enjoying the luxuries (and the essentials) we enjoy from overseas. You’ll be surprised how bare the minimal basics are that you’re left with if we stopped importing goods.


3. You get to be creative, believe it or not

Suppose for a moment, you place an order. You wait patiently, wondering why it takes 60 days to receive your order. In the background, unbeknown to you, there’s a complicated juggling and acrobatics process happening.


Due to whatever circumstances, it’s often necessary to reroute shipments. So there’s your logistics management company, rerouting that parcel from its destination via some other flight to drive for two hours with a courier before being shipped across the ocean and delivered to the destination within the timeframe, which originally only accounted for one straight flight.


It’s a complex process of what-ifs and what-thens and plans B, C, D and beyond. It takes major creativity to come up with a back-up plan at the drop of a hat.


The love of logistics management and trade

There’s no room for boredom in this field. Each day brings new curveballs and opportunities to be innovative. There’s a lot resting on our shoulders, the economy needs its export market and consumers need our import market.


This field is one of those invisible ones in the background making the wheels turn, without anyone realising. Without a doubt, a fast-paced logistics management environment is designed for the brave of heart and innovative individuals. Do you feel the love for logistics? See the positions we have available here!


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