Access World Embarks on Thrilling Expansion Journey in Mexico

In a bold move indicative of its commitment to global growth, Access World the prominent player in logistics and warehousing solutions has set its sights on Mexico for its latest expansion endeavor. This strategic decision marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, reflecting both its confidence in the Mexican market and its broader vision for international expansion.

Unlocking Opportunities in Mexico

As Access World expands its operations into Mexico, it not only embraces the challenges of a new market but also underscores the vast opportunities that the country presents. Mexico’s strategic geographical location, coupled with its burgeoning economy, positions it as a key player in the global trade landscape. Access World’s decision to establish a presence in Mexico is a testament to its foresight in identifying markets with immense potential.

Strategic Importance of Mexico City

The choice of opening up the office in Mexico City is no random selection. Mexico City is a thriving metropolis and the economic heartbeat of the country that offers a strategic advantage. With a diverse and dynamic business environment, it provides Access World with a central hub to serve clients efficiently while tapping into the broader Mexican locations. Access World can offer bonded and non-bonded services such as: warehousing, customs clearance, rail, trucking and ocean freight exports/imports throughout Mexico. Some of the key locations are situated in Altamira, Cd Hidalgo, Chihuahua, Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo , Mexicali, Mexico City, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana and Veracruz.

Meeting Local Needs with Global Expertise

Access World’s expansion into Mexico is not merely a geographical extension but a commitment to meeting the specific needs of the local market. The company’s globally proven expertise in integrated logistics and warehousing solutions will be tailored to address the unique demands of Mexican businesses, fostering a partnership that goes beyond borders.


The movement towards relocating supply chains and manufacturing closer to the United States has experienced considerable momentum. The ongoing tensions between the US and China, combined with the distribution challenges posed by the pandemic have compelled businesses to prioritize the resilience of their supply chains. This growing trend, often referred to as “nearshoring,” represents a reversal of the previous offshoring practices. Notably Mexico has emerged as a key beneficiary of this phenomenon.
Over the years Mexico has successfully transformed its economy from being primarily reliant on oil exports to becoming a manufacturing powerhouse. This remarkable transition took place between 1982 and 2022, positioning Mexico as a significant player in the global manufacturing landscape. Today an impressive 90% of Mexico’s exports originate from the manufacturing sector. As nearshoring gains further traction, Mexico is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and expand its exports to the United States. With its geographical proximity and well-developed manufacturing capabilities Mexico stands to benefit from the shifting dynamics of global supply chains. Mexico being one of the biggest partners with the United States Access World USA offers FTZ and bonded warehousing and distribution services in Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Laredo, Miami, Mobile, Newark (New York & New Jersey), New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Owensboro, Phoenix, Portland, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa and Toledo.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Possibilities

As Access World spreads its wings in Mexico the future holds exciting possibilities. The company’s expansion signifies more than just market penetration. It represents a shared journey with the people and businesses of Mexico. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Access World is poised to redefine the logistics landscape in Mexico and continue its legacy of excellence on the global stage. Watch this space as Access World unfolds a new chapter in its journey making waves in Mexico’s vibrant business landscape.

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