Access World Expands Footprint in El Paso, Texas: Unlock the gateway to cross-border trade!

Access World – a global leader in integrated logistics and supply chain solutions has recently made significant strides in expanding its presence in El Paso, Texas. This move comes as no surprise given El Paso’s strategic location as a key hub for cross-border trade between the United States and Mexico. In this article we will explore why El Paso is a crucial location for this trade, highlighting the main commodities being traded and the potential benefits of Access World’s expansion in this thriving border city.

The Strategic Importance of El Paso:

El Paso holds immense strategic importance in facilitating cross-border trade between the United States and Mexico. Situated along the US-Mexico border it forms part of the largest border metropolitan area in the world with Ciudad Juarez on the Mexican side. El Paso serves as a vital gateway connecting major industrial regions in the United States, such as Texas and New Mexico, with the manufacturing powerhouses in Mexico. Its location provides businesses with convenient access to key markets, efficient transportation networks and a robust infrastructure that supports the seamless flow of goods.


The movement towards relocating supply chains and manufacturing closer to the United States has experienced considerable momentum. The ongoing tensions between the US and China, combined with the distribution challenges posed by the pandemic have compelled businesses to prioritize the resilience of their supply chains. This growing trend, often referred to as “nearshoring,” represents a reversal of the previous offshoring practices. Notably Mexico has emerged as a key beneficiary of this phenomenon.

Over the years Mexico has successfully transformed its economy from being primarily reliant on oil exports to becoming a manufacturing powerhouse. This remarkable transition took place between 1982 and 2022, positioning Mexico as a significant player in the global manufacturing landscape. Today an impressive 90% of Mexico’s exports originate from the manufacturing sector. As nearshoring gains further traction, Mexico is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and expand its exports to the United States. With its geographical proximity and well-developed manufacturing capabilities Mexico stands to benefit from the shifting dynamics of global supply chains.

Thriving Cross-Border Trade:

El Paso’s proximity to Mexico makes it an ideal location for cross-border trade. The city is a major entry point for goods traveling between the two countries, with an extensive transportation network comprising highways, rail lines and air connections. This accessibility enables efficient movement of goods, streamlining supply chains and reducing transit times. The region’s cross-border trade volume has been steadily increasing over the years creating abundant opportunities for businesses to tap into the vast consumer markets on both sides of the border.

Key Commodities in Trade:

Several key commodities dominate the cross-border trade flowing through El Paso. Automotive parts and components form a significant portion of this trade as Mexico has become a manufacturing powerhouse for the automotive industry. El Paso serves as a crucial logistics hub for the transportation of these parts to assembly plants in both countries. Additionally, metals, electronics and electrical equipment, machinery, petroleum products, textiles and agricultural goods are among the main commodities traded through this border region.

Access World’s Expansion in El Paso:

Access World’s decision to expand its footprint in El Paso aligns with the city’s increasing importance in cross-border trade. With its extensive experience in integrated logistics and supply chain management Access World is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for efficient trade solutions in this region. The expansion will allow Access World to provide a range of value-added services including warehousing, inventory management, customs clearance and transportation to enhance its customers’ supply chain efficiency and overall competitiveness.

Benefits for Businesses:

Access World’s expanded presence in El Paso brings numerous benefits to businesses engaged in cross-border trade. By leveraging Access World’s expertise and resources companies can optimize their supply chains, reduce transportation costs and improve operational efficiency. The strategic location of El Paso, combined with Access World’s comprehensive services offers businesses the opportunity to navigate the complexities of cross-border trade seamlessly while opening doors to new markets and fostering growth.


El Paso stands as a critical cross-border trade hub between the United States and Mexico and Access World’s expansion in this thriving city further solidifies its importance in the region. With its strategic location, efficient transportation networks and a diverse range of traded commodities El Paso provides businesses with significant opportunities to tap into the vast consumer markets on both sides of the border. Access World’s expanded footprint in El Paso offers businesses integrated logistics and supply chain solutions that enables them to streamline their operations and maximize their potential in the dynamic landscape of cross-border trade. Access World USA offers FTZ warehousing and distribution services in Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, Newark (New York & New Jersey), New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Owensboro, Phoenix, Portland, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa and Toledo.

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