Access World Foreign Trade Zones Warehousing Solutions

Foreign trade zones (FTZ) are designated areas in the United States where foreign and domestic goods can be stored without paying customs duties until they are ready to enter the commerce of the United States. FTZ warehousing provides a cost-effective solution for businesses engaged in international trade by offering a range of benefits and greater flexibility in managing supply chains.

Main advantages of FTZ warehousing:

One of the main advantages of FTZ is that they allow companies to defer, reduce, or eliminate customs duties on imported goods. This can result in significant cost savings as customs duties can make up a large portion of the total cost of goods. In addition, FTZ warehouses offer a range of other benefits including:

  • Streamlined customs procedures:
    Companies can simplify and streamline the customs process by utilizing FTZ. This can reduce the time and cost associated with customs clearance and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • Greater flexibility in managing supply chains:
    Companies can use FTZ to manipulate, manufacture, or process goods, allowing them to better manage their supply chains and respond to changing market conditions whenever tariffs and duties are being implemented.
  • Improved competitiveness:
    By reducing the cost of goods and streamlining customs procedures, companies can improve their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Warehouse Partner:

To take full advantage of FTZ companies must choose the right warehouse partner. A good warehouse partner should have experience in FTZ, a strong understanding of customs procedures and a commitment to providing high-quality warehousing services. Companies should also look for a partner with a track record of success, a commitment to customer service and a network of strategic locations that can help them streamline their supply chains.

When an importer partners with Access World, they get expert assistance through every step of the importing process, beginning when the container or bulk material arrives at the container port / breakbulk terminal. Access World can arrange the customs clearance, legal weight or heavy weight drayage to pick up the goods from the terminals and take these goods to an Access World warehouse. From there, Access World arranges the unloading and storing of all materials imported into the warehouse; and when the time comes for these goods to be used or consumed, the white-glove service continues with the organisation of trucking or railing all the way to last-mile delivery.

Access World USA offers warehousing and distribution services in Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, Newark (New York & New Jersey), New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Owensboro, Phoenix, Portland, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa and Toledo.


FTZ are an important solution for companies engaged in international trade. If you need assistance anywhere along the supply chain, Access World is the only logistics partner you need. Access World will custom-tailor a solution specific to your business’s importing or exporting needs.

Every step of the way, Access World is there to handle any importing or exporting traffic your business produces and has the tools and proven experience to help offload the stress of logistic challenges so your business can continue to do what it does best.

Contact Access World today to learn how we can help. In an uncertain world, a trusted partner in business is invaluable. In the commodities transport business, Access World is the 3PL partner you can rely on, both in good times and in bad.

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