Access World’s Growth in Supply Chain Solutions!

At Access World, we believe that growth and diversification are two integral factors in ensuring we remain competitive. Nonetheless, up to date in our ever-changing environment and industry.

Owing to this, as part of Access Worlds growth strategy, both in Africa and globally, we are diversifying from a predominantly commodities based business to general cargo clearing and forwarding. This in order to best utilise our logistical efficiencies. We can now offer supply chain solutions across many verticals, globally. This includes importing and exporting cargo such as industrial equipment, solar and wind power, chemicals, mining equipment, office/home automation and much more.


Special equipment moved in South Africa!

Access World South Africa recently completed the movement of a large consignment for one of our customers. This consignment, featured below, involved the movement of 36 containers. The containers included both standard as well as special equipment, of Raisebore machinery in CKD form (completely knocked down). The containers came from Gauteng, South Africa and had to be moved to Obausi Gold mine in Ghana, one of the top 9 largest gold mines on earth. The Raisebore machine is used in underground mining to drill holes both above and below surface, instead of using explosives.  Not only did we handle the logistics element of this export, but we too facilitated the customs clearance processes on behalf of our client. When exporting to Ghana there are various requirements prior to cargo departing South Africa. Our experienced C&F team was able to process these requirements quickly and effortlessly avoiding administrative delays which can hold up the export of cargo.

Completed both timeously and professionally, this project was deemed a huge success for both Access World and our customer – yet another project successfully handled by Access World!

Access World South Africa continues to handle large consignments for a number of our customers, through many modes of transport namely – airfreight, LCL, FCL and crosstrade shipping.  Our Clearing and Forwarding department is growing from strength to strength.


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