Access World’s Indonesian warehouse logistics are on the rise

The logistics and warehousing market in Indonesia has grown in strength over the last few years. A trend that is set to continue on a steady upward rise. The country’s largest city Jakarta, in particular, is a thriving hub for the warehousing market. This area is brimming with nearby industrial parks. The growth in this sector, along with the government’s introduction of Pasut Logistik Berikat (PLB) has sparked an increase in demand for outsourced warehouse logistics, allowing more foreign companies to expand their services.



Showcasing Indonesia’s warehouse logistics

Along with a host of successful set-ups within the Asia Pacific area, Access World boasts capable warehouse logistics in Indonesia. In a prime location near Jakarta’s seaport, our multipurpose warehouse provides secure storage for products like metals, ferro-alloys, plastics, and soft commodities. Here, our clients enjoy the same options for their imported goods as they would in free-trade zones. Like with the free-trade zone concept, warehouses are able to stockpile goods for foreign clients without having to pay taxes and duties until the goods are sold and imported for local distribution. With the introduction of Pusat Logistik Berikat (PLB) foreign clients now have the possibility to transact their business in Indonesia in warehouse without the need to establish a local entity. They also have the flexibility to trade and sell, hold the cargo or even re-export to other destinations.


Getting to know the Cikarang Dry Port

The Cikarang Dry Port is an extension of Tanjung Priok Seaport, offering an efficient spoke and hub logistics network. Located on West Java Island, it provides integrated port and logistic facilities, with on-site customs and quarantine inspection services. This bustling public infrastructure is a valuable connection between the surrounding industrial estates and ocean trade routes. Access World provides a place of receipt or delivery of goods under the multimodal transport bill of lading. The facilities include reefer plugs, an empty container depot and a container freight station for less than container load consolidation. Cikarang Dry Port is a prime location for Access World in Indonesia, and we look forward to growing our services here.


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