We provide expert Collateral Management services at Access World

Collateral Management

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Collateral Management

At Access World we provide expert Collateral Management services on behalf of financiers with the highest level of comfort and security. We manage a large array of pledged goods such as, but not limited too, refined metals and concentrates; steel and iron products; agricultural products such as soybeans, coffee, cocoa beans, edible oils and frozen livestock; petroleum products as well as high-value electronic goods such as hard disk drives.

We offer a one-stop cross border and integrated logistics control from freight management to secured warehousing and transportation, domain handling expertise across various product lines, rigorous risk management and auditing of our operations and accurate inventory stock control.

We are the independent and trusted third party of choice to provide the necessary comfort and service levels for commodity owners to pledge their goods to financiers and for financiers to maintain appropriate security and stock control.

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