Transportation of LNG gas and bulk liquids requires special containers that meet international standards. ISO tank containers are designed to meet these standards and are used to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous gas and liquids. This case study describes the successful transportation of 33 x 40′ ISO Tanks from Shanghai, China to Miami and Houston, USA.


The shipment consisted of 33 x 40′ ISO Tanks that were new and empty. These tanks were shipped from Shanghai, China to Miami and Houston, USA. Access World Shanghai organized the shipping and transportation in collaboration with Access World USA.


The main challenge faced during the transportation of the ISO Tanks was complying with strict stacking limitations on board the container vessel and meeting the approval criteria set by the container carriers for new and empty shipper-owned ISO tanks.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work for the transportation of the ISO Tanks included EXW (Ex-Works) collection, export customs clearance, ocean freight, and trucking to the final destination. This involved working closely with the container carriers to ensure that the ISO Tanks met the approval criteria as well as coordinating the on-time delivery of units with our USA counterparts.

Overseas Partner:

To ensure that the shipment was delivered successfully, Access World Shanghai worked closely with our colleagues in Access World USA office. Access World USA was responsible for the final delivery of the ISO Tanks from POD to the designated locations in Miami and Houston, USA.


The successful delivery was attributed to our in-depth understanding of container carrier requirements for this shipping of ISO tanks and Access World’s presence in USA. This resulted in effective planning and execution, offering our customer a single point of communication and a door to door 1-stop solution.