How health and safety programmes improve customer service

It might surprise you to hear this, but workplace safety is for the customer’s benefit too. We all know someone who works in an environment that has health and safety protocols, whether it’s to wear a hard hat on a construction site or practicing aseptic technique in a hospital. We know this is so that the teams responsible for the work manage to get home safely to their families each day. But there’s more to it.

Health and safety affects every aspect of the business

The safety measures put in place by a company will directly impact how smooth the day-to-day functions of the business are. Alongside that, the costs involved in compensating injured workers is another factor. Workers who frequently need to be off due to injuries on duty (IOD) cause interruptions in service which can delay work. All of these factors affect your (the client’s) experience. At Access World, we take safety seriously. Not just for our own level of efficacy and because we want our teams to be happy and safe, but also to ensure we deliver top-notch service to our clients. By implementing proper safety, like our new in-house SafeAccess programme, we improve our clients’ experience at Access World. Here’s how:


SafeAccess helps you identify Access World as a safety-conscious brand

Are health and safety synonymous to the brands you support? Research indicates that companies that aim towards goals with no injuries have happier staff and better quality service. It’s also a matter of ethics. Marketing statistics have indicated that there is a rising sense of humanity in business. Many companies will try to show a facade, but the businesses that are truly committed to workplace safety will show it in their branding. It’s in the air when you walk into their offices. The same kind of companies that greet you with a smile and offer superb services.


Improved teamwork for more productivity

We all know how it goes. Happy employees make happy clients. It’s important for a company to invest in the safety of its staff members, ensuring not only that everyone is compliant in terms of regulations, but also that staff members feel valued. We invest in the comfort and safety of our teams, which reflects in their ability to do their work and in their work ethic. We understand how much better it is when you call through to an office and feel warmly greeted. Adequate safety has a major knock-on effect with the quality of the service clients get.


Health and safety for improved quality of work

“In an organisation with a positive safety climate, where safety does not take a back seat to productivity, employees are likely to believe they have permission to do things right. Doing things right is a permeating value in a work unit that is likely to reach into several domains of work behaviour, some of which influence the quality of work.” -National Safety Council (NSC) and published in the Journal of Safety Research


Customer satisfaction and its relationship to health and safety

The previous points each naturally point towards client satisfaction. A workplace with a positive atmosphere and service that is of an exceptionally high standard, will always trump the rest. Business can be pleasant, and business dealings even more so. It is important, firstly, to make sure those on the ground level doing the work are well cared for and safe.


How Access World is changing health and safety with the SafeAccess programme

To achieve health and safety in a way that makes it synonymous with our brand, Access World is continuously working on implementing new ideas. This is where SafeAccess comes in.


We have created a protocol which not only drastically improves health and safety at the workplace, it also provides regular training to ensure we are always at the top of our game and following the best practices of the industry.

  • Life-Saving Behaviours: this applies to everyone who comes onto Access World’s property. It ensures everyone conducts themselves in such a way that makes it safer for themselves and others.
  • Fatal hazards protocol: to recognise hazards in the workplace so that extra safety measures can be instituted to avoid such risks.
  • SafeAccess tools: we believe injuries and health hazards are avoidable, it is simply a matter of having tools and procedures in place to protect everyone. Our SafeAccess programme does exactly this.

To learn more about our SafeAccess programme, read the blog we recently published on this new initiative.

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