Logistics and warehousing: Access World is world class

Logistics and warehousing: Access World is world class

Are you looking for the best solution for the storage and transport of your commodity? The management of a few million tonnes of any product through the supply chain is no easy task. It takes skill, knowledge and commitment to guarantee the security of commodities through each stage. For your peace of mind, you need a world-class logistics and warehousing company. You need Access World Logistics.


Your global logistics and warehousing solutions

The original company began as a family-owned business in Italy in 1933. With over eighty years experience under our belts, the Company has grown in strength over the years. In 2010, Glencore took over the family business, renaming it Pacorini Metals. At this time, we continued to focus on the logistics and warehousing of metal products. But, over the next six years, Pacorini Metals began expanding the product base to include a variety of other commodities. This expansion led us to reinvent ourselves. No longer only a metals business, our new name needed to express our global reach and product offering. Thus, in 2016, Access World was born.


A quality logistics and warehousing company

Access World is a leader in logistics and warehousing solutions. The Company operates a network of ports and warehouse facilities worldwide. Seamless and strategic, Access World handles around twenty to twenty-four million tons of commodities annually. For this reason, we make it our business to have a good understanding of all the products we work with. The Company is prominent in many commodity sectors. Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals were the original focus of the business. But agricultural products, forest products and lumber, oil and gas, and project cargo are now part of our service offering.
We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers. We are continually adapting to the scale and pace of the business to offer the best service. As such, one of our core principles is maintaining a standardisation throughout. We understand the importance of being knowledgeable in all the sectors we deal with, a factor contributing to our success as a company. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge in the finance commodity sector. We’ve merged our knowledge of the finance sector and commodity trade to offer a thorough service.


Logistics and warehousing services

We are proud of the diversity of our customer and commodity base. Access World offers a range of services covering the full supply chain, from start to finish. We offer solutions for the logistics and warehousing of products around the globe. As well as extra value-added services at selected warehouses.



Access World is a leading logistics and warehousing company. We’re affiliated with both the London Metal Exchange (LME) and CME Group (CME). The Company has over 150 warehouse facilities worldwide. We have approved warehouses in The United States of America, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Korea. Our storage solutions are tailor-made to your needs and commodities. We handle large quantities of materials on a daily basis, giving you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.



We have LME and CME exchange-approved warehouses located across the globe. Here we provide warrant issuance for material delivered into the warehouses. Documents of possession are issued for each lot. We also provide warehouse receipts for non-warrantable commodities.


Forwarding and chartering

One of our specialities is the movement of cargo through chartered vessels. Our logistics and warehousing services provide storage and transport solutions for every step of the supply chain. We’ll look after your commodity from the place of production to the place of consumption. Options are flexible, including full and partly full container loads, as well as conventional break bulk cargo.


Collateral management

Security is important during the transport and storage of your commodities. That’s why we provide collateral management services on behalf of financiers for a large selection of pledged goods. Goods include refined metals, agricultural products and valuable electronic items. Our services incorporate the logistics and warehousing of products crossing borders, as well as risk management, auditing and inventory monitoring of stock. Access World is an independent and trusted third-party provider. We provide commodity owners with the services necessary for pledging their goods, maintaining security and controlling stock.



All our locations offer full stevedoring services for the loading and unloading of all vessel types. Our trained teams have years of experience, ensuring your goods are in safe hands at all times. We endeavour to provide continuous training and risk management. This is to guarantee our services are efficient and competitive at all times.


Cutting and packing

We provide extra, value-added services, including cutting, packing, screening and crushing. We’re able to cut Nickle/Copper cathodes, saw transition metals, pack metals and decoil titanium sheet metal. The full range of services are available at our Rotterdam facility. Two other facilities offering extra services are Durban for cutting operations and Baltimore for repacking.


Screening and crushing

Bulk Ferro Alloys can be crushed and screened at our terminals in Vlissingen (Flushing), from a maximum of 400mm to a minimum of 25mm. Screening can be done with crushing, and we can pack your materials according to your requirements. We have an experienced team who evaluates and assesses every individual parcel before processing. All equipment is fine-tuned and controlled throughout the process to maintain consistent results. Our crushing services are also available at our Baltimore facilities in the United States of America.


Customs clearance

Our logistics and warehousing services are global. As such, we have extensive knowledge of import and export customs processes around the world. We are well versed in the legislature, procedures and tariffs of customs clearances. We provide expert help with registrations and licences, as well as fiscal representation.


Logistics and warehousing commodities and products

We provide logistics and warehousing solutions for a variety of commodities and products. Initially, our focus was in the metals sector, but we are making a name for ourselves across many sectors. We offer transportation, including door to door logistics and global storage.


Non-ferrous metals

The majority of our warehouses are suited for the handling of non-ferrous metals. We have approved LME and CME facilities, where you can place your metal on exchange. As well as secure facilities for off-exchange storage. We ensure all our warehouses follow the strict security requirements of both exchanges. This is to keep your product safe at all times.


Ferrous metals, bulk and ferro alloys

The logistics and warehousing of metals has been a cornerstone of our business. We began with the purchase of our terminal in Vlissingen and expanded from there. We provide secure storage and transport of ferrous metals, bulk and ferro alloys at numerous locations worldwide.


Agricultural products

A growing sector in the industry is the logistics and warehousing of agricultural products.  We are fast expanding this segment of our company, both on the handling side and within the financial sector. Our African operations have provided us valuable industry insight. We’ve expanded our expertise throughout Asia, Europe and The United States of America. We are skilled in the handling, storing and distribution of products. It is our ability to offer exceptional collateral management services that provide security and comfort to financiers.


Forest products and lumber

Access World has a solid understanding of the logistics and warehousing of forest products and lumber. We handle, store and distribute products including wood pulp, plywood, craft board and timber in the majority of our warehouses. We ensure all products are stored and transported with the correct care.


Polymers, oil and gas

We are experts in the logistics and warehousing of a variety of commodities. This knowledge has prepared us for the care and attention needed for handling polymers and related products. However, our primary focus is on stock inventory and collateral management. Our collateral supervisors have extensive training and experience in the field. We provide the security and comfort needed by financial providers.


Projects and project cargo

Access World offers a full service for moving your cargo for all projects. We offer flexible solutions for each project. No matter the size, we will find the best option for your project’s requirements. From start to finish, your cargo will get to where it needs to be.


We invest in our people

Here at Access World, we invest in our company and people. We ensure our operating systems are up-to-date to remain relevant to the ever-changing industry. Each of our locations is upgraded with the best technology. We want to guarantee procedure and security measures for your peace of mind. The logistics and warehousing of expensive products require an experienced team of people. That’s why we invest in our team. We strive to find the right people to run each operation. Our staff are carefully chosen and provided every opportunity for growth. Flexible training is ongoing within every department, allowing our team to be on top of their game. It’s through these high standards that we can offer the best service possible at all times, upholding our reputation for excellence.

Access World has built a wealth of knowledge over the years in the industry. We plan to continue building and growing our business operations. In the future, we aim to expand both geographically and across wider commodity sectors. If you’re looking for logistics and warehousing solutions for your products, look no further. Contact Access World Logistics , we will find the solution for you.

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