General Cargo

Shipping cargo is a vital aspect of the global economy. General cargo refers to a broad category of goods and products typically transported in standard shipping containers and do not fall into specialized cargo categories. General cargo is a broad category divided by the nature of the goods, packaging, and handling requirements. These diverse items can include a wide range of commodities, including raw materials, consumer goods, and manufactured products. General cargo shipments may consist of individual items or multiple goods packed in a container.

This category encompasses goods that do not require specialized handling, storage, or transportation conditions. General cargo can include anything from machinery, electronics, and textiles to packaged foods, furniture, and industrial components. The flexibility and adaptability of general cargo make it one of the most common types of freight in global trade, as it allows for the efficient shipping of a wide variety of products using standard logistics and transportation methods.

General Cargo forms handled by Access World

  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Beverages
  • Agriculture
  • Electronics
  • Dry Foods
  • Retail Supplies
  • Yellow Metals Machinery
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Paper Products
  • Motor Vehicle Parts

Access World: Navigating General Cargo challenges in developing Africa

Access World has driven general cargo handling with expertise in developing countries, particularly Africa, for decades. Meticulous planning and execution ensure a seamless flow of goods, even in areas with less established transportation networks.

Leveraging strong relationships and established rates with shipping lines, we continue to stimulate our import program, primarily anchored in the mining industry. This unique advantage enhances the efficiency of cargo movement, creating a robust system that benefits importers and exporters alike.

Thanks to its presence and close ties with numerous countries, we have an unparalleled understanding of customs clearing and forwarding. This guarantees that all necessary documentation is meticulously prepared and presented in the correct format, mitigating the risk of unnecessary delays.


With a keen eye for market trends, Access World identified a gap in the renewable energy sector, emerging as a reliable player in shipping and transporting renewable energy products. As Africa grapples with interrupted electrical supply, Access World leverages its existing infrastructure and expertise to offer innovative solutions for the transportation of renewable energy goods. As a result, Access World has been an integral part of the development of one of the largest solar farms in the world.

Access World provides specific solutions that drive the supply chain forward for all general cargo-related shipping, warehousing, and transportation needs. The deep-rooted experience from handling cargo in developing countries and complex understanding of customs processes ensure that goods move seamlessly across borders. Whether navigating challenging infrastructures, stimulating import programs, or driving innovation in renewable energy logistics, Access World consistently delivers excellence, making it the trusted partner for producers, traders, and financiers worldwide.

Services associated with General Cargo


Yes, we offer cargo insurance facilitated through our marine insurance broker. The coverage is contingent upon a signed and accepted quote, considering the cargo’s value and specific handling or transport requirements.

Standard GIT (Goods in Transit) cover is provided for all transporters, valued at R 1 million per load. This coverage is applicable for both local and cross-border trucking.

Our warehouses have limited liability cover, specifically for gross negligence. It’s important to note that this coverage does not extend to cargo insurance, and clients are encouraged to explore additional insurance options.

Yes, all Access World branches have both bonded and non-bonded warehouse facilities. Bonded cargo can be stored for a maximum duration of six months. After this period, the cargo must either be exported or have taxes/duties accounted for in the case of imports, subject to applicable storage charges.

Access World handles a diverse range of general cargo, including machinery, equipment, consumer goods, and industrial products. Our expertise extends to various industries, ensuring efficient and secure transportation.

Access World has extensive experience navigating challenging customs clearance processes, particularly in developing countries. Our in-depth understanding of local regulations and close ties to legal entities worldwide ensure smooth customs clearance, preventing unnecessary delays.

Access World leverages its experience in developing African countries to offer tailored, cost-effective solutions. Our established relationships with shipping lines and comprehensive planning enable reliable transportation even in regions with limited infrastructure.

Absolutely. Recognizing the growing demand for reliable shipping in the renewable energy sector, Access World has expanded its services to include the transportation of renewable energy equipment. Our logistics solutions cater to the unique requirements of this evolving industry.

Access World prioritizes the security and integrity of general cargo through stringent security measures, state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, and adherence to international safety standards. Our commitment to quality ensures the safety of freight from origin to destination.

Access World stands out due to its global presence, strong relationships with shipping lines, expertise in challenging customs environments, and commitment to providing tailored and reliable logistics solutions. Clients choose us for our experience, efficiency, and dedication to meeting diverse cargo transportation needs.