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Can you imagine a high-risk work environment free from fatalities and serious injuries? We can. That’s why warehouse safety is paramount across all Access World locations and projects. As the employees of Access World are one of our most valuable assets, the health and well-being of our people is a top priority. We want to protect our teams from the perils of the industry’s fast-paced environment. Whether our employees are in the warehouse, operating heavy machinery or in the office, we’re promoting safety on the job across the board. But, how do we plan on raising our safety awareness? In one word – SafeAccess! Access World’s very own safety culture.

Changing warehouse safety culture with SafeAccess

SafeWork or Don’t Work – that’s our motto. It’s our drive for superior warehouse safety that has fueled the SafeAccess initiative. We’ve designed a strategy to give our people the right tools and knowledge to perform their daily duties free of harm. It comprises three main ingredients; Life-Saving Behaviours, Fatal Hazard Protocols and SafeAccess Tools. Our regional SafeAccess coordinators are always on hand to oversee all SafeAccess measures. They follow strict guidelines, offer regular training and support our people on a daily basis. Although we introduced the initiative a few years ago, it’s a constant process. We make sure to re-evaluate and update each procedure at regular intervals. We’ve highlighted each element of our warehouse safety procedure below:

Life-Saving Behaviours

Our Life-Saving Behaviours apply to everyone entering an Access World operated site. This includes employees, temporary staff, contractors, and visitors. The behaviours highlight potential hazards and promote safe conduct on-site. We also encourage everyone to account for the safety of themselves and others. By following safe operating procedures, we ensure our warehouse safety standards are always at the highest level.

Fatal Hazard Protocols

These protocols identify and address the common causes of injury in the workplace. They recognise health hazards, such as working at height, and put in place procedures to minimise the risk. The aim is to reduce injuries to our employees by controlling and managing each potential Fatal Hazard. By following the protocols and applying Life-Saving Behaviours, our employees will see an increase in warehouse safety.

SafeAccess Tools

Every injury is avoidable with proper training, supervision and the right tools in place. Our SafeAccess Tools provide our team with the knowledge and practices needed to ensure their safety on the job. Every employee receives a detailed guide, introducing the protocols and safety standards. We also offer regular risk awareness training, which we believe to be the key to success.

Championing warehouse safety for all


To further fuel a steadfast culture in warehouse safety, we created the SafeAccess Champion Award in 2017. This award recognises managers and employees who are passionate about safety. Every member of the team is eligible to win the award, as long as they seek to improve health and safety. This includes the following innovations:

  • New safety and health solutions for identified risks,
  • An innovative approach to workplace safety and health management,
  • Any practice that improves safety and health in the workplace.


Ultimately, we believe in our SafeAccess initiative. We want our employees to feel safe and confident in the workplace, and a strong warehouse safety culture is the way to go. Do you want to stay up to date with all our latest news? Subscribe to our newsletter for all Access World announcements and industry updates.

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