Secure commodity trading with Access World’s enhanced warehouse receipt

In the commodity market, warehouse receipts cater to the needs of various participants across the value chain. Traders, producers and financial institutions all utilise these documents to facilitate collateral management and secure financing of their sale and purchase deals. Thus the security of these receipts is of utmost importance in commodity trading.



What makes our warehouse receipt so secure?

At Access World, our transferrable warehouse receipt is widely accepted and recognised by the market. To give our customers peace of mind when partaking in the commodity trading market, we’ve upgraded our receipt’s embedded security features. Using a diverse security framework made up of a combination of electronic and human components, we’ve designed a document which interacts with both. There are varying levels of checks which go into the authentication of our warehouse receipts, all of which are carried out without compromising business efficacy or market liquidity. By putting in place a comprehensive system to control back-end security and management processes, we hope to assuage our customer’s reservations when dealing within the commodity market.


Introducing Access World’s new self-help portal

Not only have we enhanced our receipt’s security, but we’ve also added a nifty new online feature. Now, the world is really at your fingertips with the launch of our new customer portal self-help service. For the first time, Access World customers can obtain important information in an instant by scanning their receipt’s unique QR code with an enabled smartphone or handheld device. Customers are now able to access our public portal for important details regarding their warehouse receipt. For in-depth details, customers have the option of signing up for an account with our registered portal. Here, registered customers can verify their warehouse receipt at their convenience, as well as check the receipt’s status, whether it is live or cancelled.


Are you looking for security when commodity trading? Discover more about our collateral management services here. Or, contact our Singapore, Korea or Shanghai offices directly with your queries.

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