Trailblazing the Future of Handling Diverse Forest Products in the United States

As a global leader in integrated logistics and supply chain solutions, Access World has made significant strides in establishing itself as an industry leader in handling various types of forest products in the United States. With our strategic locations near port areas and a dedicated fleet of trucks, we are well-positioned to provide efficient and comprehensive services for the transportation, warehousing and distribution of forest products. In this article, we will explore the diverse range of forest products handled by Access World and highlight our strategic advantages in the industry.

Handling a Multitude of Forest Products:

Access World has emerged as a frontrunner in handling a wide variety of forest products. These products encompass finished goods and raw materials, catering to different industries’ needs. Some of the forest products expertly managed by Access World include:

a) Plywood, MDF, Lumber and Hardwoods:
Access World specialises in handling Plywood, MDF, Lumber and Hardwoods, ensuring efficient storage and transportation for traders, producers, construction companies, furniture manufacturers, distribution centres and others.

b) Pulp and Paper:
Access World’s expertise extends to the handling of pulp and paper products, serving paper mills, printing companies and packaging manufacturers with their specific storage and distribution requirements. Many of Access World’s facilities are rail-served to ship and receive railcars and they’re equipped to handle pulp and paper in rolls, bales and palletised forms.

Strategic Locations for Seamless Operations:

Access World strategically locates its facilities close to port areas ensuring efficient transportation and smooth logistics operations. This proximity allows seamless coordination between the movement of forest products from the ports to the company’s warehouses, reducing transit times and minimising disruptions in the supply chain. The strategic positioning of our facilities near port areas enables swift heavy container drayage, ensuring a seamless flow of goods and reducing lead times and costs for our customers.

Own Fleet of Trucks:

One of the key advantages that set Access World apart is our ownership of a dedicated fleet of trucks. By having our own trucks we have greater control over heavy-weight drayage/transportation operations, enabling us to provide timely and reliable services to our clients. This in-house trucking capability allows for increased efficiency and flexibility in coordinating the heavy-weight drayage & transportation of forest products, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Comprehensive Services and Solutions:

Access World’s industry leadership in handling forest products extends beyond transportation and trucking. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses bonded and FTZ warehousing, inventory management, customs clearance, ocean freight, trucking, and value-added services tailored to the specific requirements of the forest product industries. These offerings ensure that clients can rely on Access World for end-to-end solutions, streamlining their supply chains and optimising their operations.


Access World’s rapid rise as an industry leader in handling various forest products in the United States is driven by its strategic locations near port areas, in-house fleet of trucks, and comprehensive range of services. Our expertise in managing plywood, MDF, lumber, hardwoods, pulp and paper positions us as a preferred logistics and supply chain partner for businesses across the forest product industries. With our commitment to seamless operations, efficient transportation and tailored solutions we continue to solidify our reputation as an industry leader, contributing to the growth and success of businesses involved in the forest product trade in the United States. Access World USA offers FTZ and bonded warehousing and distribution services in Baltimore, Dallas, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, El Paso, Houston, Laredo, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, Newark (New York & New Jersey), New Orleans, Norfolk, Oakland, Owensboro, Phoenix, Portland, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Tampa and Toledo.

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