This case study describes the successful door-to-door delivery of 8 units of Chain Stoppers from Singapore to Munkebo, Denmark via Hamburg, Germany.


Chain Stoppers are specially designed components installed on vessels to hold the anchor while the ship is underway, and guide the chain during anchoring manoeuvres. Access World Singapore was responsible for planning and executing a logistics solution to transport chain stoppers assembled in Singapore, along with corresponding ancillary components, all the way to the final destination shipyard in Munkebo, Denmark.


The initial challenge faced was the tight delivery schedule. This short window of time starting from cargo readiness, collection, export, and delivery to final destination necessitated a drastic logistics solution. Access World planned and presented multiple solutions to our client such as full airfreight charter, before they agreed to the most cost-effective albeit time-consuming solution of containerized shipments. In order to avoid transhipment delays, direct sailing to Hamburg port in Germany was arranged, thereafter inland cross-border trucking from Hamburg transloading terminal to Munkebo, Demark.

Due to unique cargo, Access World had to closely evaluate the dimensions and conditions of the Chain Stoppers for project success. Our meticulous approach included pre-viewing the cargo on-site, reviewing cargo drawings to ascertain lifting points and centre of gravity (COG), and finalizing cargo loading orientation (over-width, OOG) before execution. In order to ensure safe transportation throughout, Access World initiated the specific fabrication of steel plates to complement the load bearing of the chain stoppers on flat racks.
Thereafter, the cargo was latched with correct strapping plus wooden dunnage according to project requirements.

Destination handling was complicated due to prior local strike action in Hamburg resulting in delayed ETA, and the upcoming Easter holidays in Denmark. Access World, in partnership with our destination agent, was able to adapt to the change in operational timeline and meet the required delivery timing.

Alcance del trabajo:

The scope of work for the transportation of the Chain Stoppers included EXW (Ex-Works) collection, cargo lashing and securing per special requirements, export customs clearance, ocean freight, import customs clearance, transloading at the port of destination and trucking to the final destination.

Surveyor services were provided for all cargo touchpoints at the origin and destination.

Access World was successful in performing the relevant scope of work with zero safety incidents and within the agreed delivery timeframe.


To ensure that the shipment was delivered successfully, Access World Singapore worked closely with our service partners in Singapore and Europe.

In Europe, SaCeMa Nordic was responsible for receiving at Hamburg terminal, transloading the chain stoppers from flat racks onto flatbed trucks and the cross-border clearance and transportation to the shipyard in Munkebo, Denmark.

Nordic Maritime was the appointed surveyor for the project, providing key insights at various touchpoints throughout the logistics chain. Their professional services reassured our client’s needs were met in compliance with their insurance requirements.


The successful project was attributed to our methodical approach in preparing a holistic logistics solution and the required follow-through with the various stakeholders involved. Timely communication and proper coordination with service partners was essential. Access World’s expertise and value-add culminated in the effective planning, execution, and successful delivery of these chain stoppers – truly a door-to-door 1-stop solution.