Project Overview:

Cargo Origin: China
Port of Discharge (POD): Durban, South Africa
Final Destination: Lubumbashi, DRC
Total Volume: 10 x 40ft FR, each containing 1 x 32 MT OOG Truck
Alcance del trabajo: Transit and Import Customs Clearance, Road Transportation
Distance Traveled: 2 673,6 km
Heaviest Loads: 32 MT , Length: 9470mm, Width: 4000mm, Height: 4080mm


Access World South Africa takes pride in its proficiency in handling complex shipments. In a recent project, we successfully managed the shipment of 10 x 40ft Flat Rack containers containing out-of-gauge dump trucks, showcasing our expertise in managing abnormal cargo with precision.

Background on the Shipment:

The project involved comprehensive logistics coordination, including port charges, import clearance into Durban, and cross hauling the cargo from Durban Port to our Access Durban Warehouse. Our responsibility extended to unpacking the containers using heavy lift cranage, conducting inspections, and subsequently loading the dump trucks onto abnormal trailers for onward transportation.

Challenges Faced:

One of the primary challenges faced during this project was ensuring the handling of all ten containers within the required timeframe. Unpacking the containers without compromising the cargo integrity and returning the empty containers to the terminal within the free period demanded meticulous planning and execution. Moreover, a manufacturing fault in one of the dump trucks presented an additional hurdle. Quick thinking and the expertise of our staff were crucial in overcoming this challenge and loading the faulty truck onto the abnormal trailers for transportation.


In summary, through strategic planning, technical expertise, and efficient execution, Access World South Africa successfully navigated the complexities of handling 10 x 40ft Flat Rack containers with out-of-gauge dump trucks. Our ability to overcome challenges, including a manufacturing fault in one of the vehicles, highlights the dedication and competence of our team. By ensuring the safe transportation of all dump trucks without any damage, we not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, reinforcing our position as a reliable partner for handling abnormal cargo.