Customs Clearing & Forwarding

Defining Customs Clearing & Forwarding on a global scale

What do Clearing & Forwarding companies do?

Customs clearing and forwarding often go hand in hand in international trade. Companies or service providers engaged in these activities are crucial in ensuring goods’ smooth and compliant movement across borders. They act as intermediaries between shippers, consignees, and customs authorities, facilitating the efficient and lawful exchange of goods in the global supply chain.

Navigating Clearing & Forwarding with
Access World

Navigating the intricacies of the supply chain can be challenging, but our extensive global network, comprising owned offices and strategic partners, empowers us to offer genuinely end-to-end solutions. We ensure transparent visibility of our client’s cargo at every logistics stage, enabling us to craft bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs, irrespective of shipment scope or volume.

With a well-established presence in customs worldwide, we possess in-depth knowledge of regulations, procedures, and tariffs crucial for seamless import and export clearances. Renowned for our customs expertise, we provide valuable services, including fiscal representation and support for registrations and licenses.

What do Access World’s Clearing & Forwarding Services include?

Our Customs Clearing and Forwarding division adeptly manages logistics and supply-chain requirements, handling documentation flows across various transport modes, including:

In summary

An expert customs clearing and forwarding partner adds value by ensuring compliance, reducing operational complexities, optimising costs, and enhancing international supply chain operations’ efficiency and reliability.

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