FMCG Value-Added Logistics

Keeping up with the movement of FMCG goods

What is FMCG Value-Added Logistics as offered by Access World?

FMCG Value-Added Logistics by Access World is a comprehensive suite of services to enhance the overall value of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). This includes co-packing, packaging, branding, date-coding, labeling, and tailored solutions. Operating from UAE, Access World Logistics LLC is a trusted partner for esteemed FMCG brands, delivering precision and reliability across various logistics facets.

Benefits of using a 3PL for FMCG Value-Added Logistics

Partnering with a third-party logistics service provider like Access World for FMCG Value-Added Logistics offers numerous benefits to clients. The expertise of a dedicated and experienced team ensures accuracy, reliability, and agility in co-packing, packaging, and other value-added services. This allows clients to focus on core competencies and market expansion while leveraging the logistics provider’s proficiency in meeting regulatory compliance, product-labeling requirements, quality assurance, and responsible sourcing.

What is the process of FMCG Value-Added Logistics?

The FMCG Value-Added Logistics process at Access World involves a meticulous approach. Equipped with advanced facilities, including stainless-steel packing tables, conveyors, inkjet printers, shrink-wrapping tunnels, and more, the capable team manages a capacity of re-working over 3 million units per month. Services span production/expiry date-coding, labeling, kitting, packaging, shrink-wrapping, sleeve-wrapping, blister packing, re-packaging, product quality checks, and product registration and compliance. The process ensures end-to-end supply chain management, covering freight forwarding, customs clearance, handling, storage, and documentation.

The importance of experience in FMCG Value-Added Logistics

An experienced FMCG Value-Added Logistics partner, such as Access World, is crucial for several reasons. Their seasoned team understands the intricacies of segmentation, targeting, and positioning in global product marketing. This knowledge proves instrumental in navigating the nuances of supply chain management, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and adhering to specific product labeling requirements. An experienced partner also contributes to the efficiency of services like quality assurance, hazard analysis, critical control points, and traceability. With Access World, clients benefit from a full-stack logistics and warehousing company, guaranteeing reliability and excellence in FMCG value-added logistics.

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