Project Overview:

Cargo Origin: China
Port of Discharge (POD): Durban, South Africa
Final Destination: Kolwezi, DRC
Total Volume: 50 x Dump Trucks
Scope of Work: Transit and Import Customs Clearance, Road Transportation
Distance Traveled: 2 971,6 km
Heaviest Loads: 37 MT Dump Trucks, Length 9.460m, Width 3.640m, Height 4.300m


In the fast-paced world of global freight forwarding, delivering on promises, and overcoming unforeseen challenges is what sets industry giants apart. In this case study, we delve into a remarkable project shipment that showcased our unwavering commitment to excellence, resilience, and strategic expertise. Transporting 50 oversized dump trucks as abnormal loads to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Challenges and Solutions:

Our journey began with the challenge of mobilizing the required fleet of trucks to efficiently load these oversized Dump Trucks direct from Durban Port to deliver to final destination. Adverse weather conditions and port congestion loomed as adversaries, threatening to disrupt our meticulously planned schedule. However, our team exhibited unwavering determination and resourcefulness. Despite these obstacles, we not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations, ensuring the timely and direct transfer of all 50 dump trucks from the port to DRC. A significant feat was our success in securing all the necessary trucks for direct loading.

Scope of Work:

Our scope of work encompassed an array of crucial tasks. We meticulously managed port charges, ensuring all financial aspects were seamlessly handled. Our customs clearance expertise ensured the swift and hassle-free passage of these abnormal loads. Transporting the dump trucks from Durban to the DRC was the final piece of the puzzle, and our team executed this leg of the journey with precision and dedication.


In summary, this project exemplifies the very essence of our company’s prowess in the freight forwarding industry. It showcases our ability to navigate unforeseen challenges, overcome adverse conditions, and meet stringent deadlines while delivering exceptional service. Our client’s satisfaction is a testament to the passion and commitment we invest in every project. This case study is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in the world of global logistics.